Welcome to my blog filled with useful wedding tips!

Welcome to my blog where I will share wedding tips

Wedding blogging – the last thing I thought I would ever want to do

Hi, my name is Ania. I got married two years ago and let me put it this way.. my wedding, especially the preparation, was one of the most traumatic experiences in my life. Right after my wedding, I passed by a newspaper stand, and saw the whole shelf of bridal magazines with confusing wedding tips and the only thought that crossed my mind was… thank God I don’t have to look at these again.

And then a strange thing happened. One day a friend of mine got engaged. She asked me if I can share any useful information about the wedding. After talking to her for an hour or so, she was amazed how helpful the tips were.

“You should write a blog to help others.” I laughed really loud… “Yeah with my English.” English is my second language, and I still feel self-conscious about it.

My turning point

But then I thought, why not. It might not be the most sophisticated piece of art to read, but I think I could provide really useful wedding tips that help out my friends and maybe some others on the internet. When we were searching for ways to save money, and stay sane, and fend off pressures from others during our wedding planning we couldn’t find anything. I don’t want other couples to go through that pain and want to share as much as I can to help make affordable wedding planning a pleasant experience for couples.

So here I am… I’m starting this page for two reasons:

First, I want to help all of you who feel trapped, overwhelmed, and taken advantage of.

Second, I believe it could be an excellent way to improve my English skills. I would really appreciate any constructive criticism.

I hope you guys will enjoy this journey with me!

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