Silicone Wedding Rings – A Quick Guide

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Silicone Wedding Rings are growing in popularity. We will show you why couples are turning to these wedding bands for their safety, affordability, originality, and conflict-free origins.

Silicone bands are safer than metal rings

Many men and women with active lifestyles or jobs that require usage of heavy or powerful machinery or tools frequently have to take off their traditional metal based rings for their own safety. One major reason they remove their wedding band is to avoid the risk of ring avulsion (warning for graphic imagery/text). If you watch Jimmy Fallon, you may have even heard his ring avulsion horror story after tripping on the carpet at home. More than 150,000 cases occur per year in the US according to MNN with the most common case being the ring getting caught on a bus or truck. Silicone wedding rings often help reduce the risk of ring avulsion by being designed to tear away if enough force is applied. On top of the above-mentioned gruesome risks, some people prefer not to wear overly expensive rings while traveling to other countries, since expensive looking rings can make you a target for mugging/theft. Silicone rings can be left on basically all the time instead of having to take them off and on constantly and on which increases your chances of losing the ring.

Silicone wedding rings as an affordable alternative

Other couples are turning to silicone wedding rings for their affordability along with the added safety benefit mentioned above. According to Forbes and The Wedding Report grooms spent an average of $572 on their wedding bands in 2011. That is another big expense that many couples just can’t afford along with the already inflated prices of their wedding. Silicone wedding rings currently can be found on Amazon,, Etsy and more with a price range mainly between $10 and $50. That is significantly more affordable than the average metal wedding band.

Picking silicone to buck the wedding industry

Still, more couples are deciding to go for silicone wedding bands to stand out, and avoid the pressure the wedding industry puts on couples of how your wedding, your marriage, and your ring are “supposed to be.” The majority of the idea of engagement rings and wedding rings we know of today is not an ancient tradition that has lasted hundreds of years, but actually is the product of one of the greatest marketing campaigns ever. Diamonds have only recently become popular, and the guidelines that you hear from friends and family about how much you are supposed to spend on that wedding ring were also products of marketing campaigns.

Avoiding conflict sourced materials in wedding bands

Another reason couples are turning to silicone wedding rings is to avoid making a large purchase that helps fund war, slavery conditions, and corrupt militarist governments and organizations. Blood diamonds are diamonds mined in a war zone in order to finance a war. Those conflict diamonds have been used by militaristic organizations to attack civilians, killing parents, and forcing children to turn into killing machines against their wills. That was a big reason why we decided against getting a traditional diamond engagement ring and purposely searched for a conflict-free jeweler.

Silicone wedding bands conclusion

We weren’t aware of the dangers of conventional metal wedding bands at the time that we purchased our rings. We already wanted to find affordable, but conflict free rings, and after spending so much time dealing with the pressures of the wedding industry we were eager to pick our own unique ring. Silicone rings may not be for every bride and groom, as many couples still feel a special connection to metal bands but for the couples out there that were looking for an alternative, we hope this article helped inform you about another great option to put on your fingers. Let us know in the comments if this article helped you make the decision, or you agree or disagree with any of our thoughts.

*Credit to Zach Bowman for the featured image

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