Our Mission

Seize The Aisle Mission

Why did we create Seize The Aisle? You may think why create another wedding blog? Aren’t there enough of them out there already? Hasn’t every topic already been covered by the knot, wedding wire, and the thousands of blogs already out there?

We believe Seize The Aisle’s mission sets us apart from the rest.

  1. Minimize Wedding Stress
    We want to make it as easy as possible to plan and enjoy your wedding.
  2. Minimize Expectation Pressure
    You may get pressure from vendors, family, friends, and many wedding websites about how your wedding is “supposed to be”.
    It’s your wedding. We encourage you to plan it your own unique way, and give tips to avoid pressures from others
  3. Strengthen Your Relationship
    We care about you, and your future together.
    We care about more than the wedding, we care about your marriage.
    The wedding is just one day, then you have your whole life to live after.
  4. Focused on Savings
    We won’t encourage you to spend your life savings or go into debt to have the “perfect wedding”
    We will give you tips to save you money while still having a fantastic wedding.
  5. Honesty and Trust
    We see so many wedding blogs and websites that just think of you as a sale.
    They are full of advertisements and referral links.
    For us this is easy right now because we have no advertisements or referral links
    But we have a rule for the future – we will never give you advice that we wouldn’t give to our closest friends and family members.
    I wouldn’t tell my sister to purchase a more expensive less quality dress because I make a commission on it.
    And the same rule applies to all our viewers.

When we were planning our wedding we couldn’t find any wedding websites that shared these goals. We want to provide a resource that makes sure that our readers don’t have to go through the same pain we did. We hope that Seize The Aisle makes your wedding experience a joy.

Please let us know in the comments if you believe we are achieving our mission, and if there is anything we can do to make our blog better.