32 Songs to Play at Your Mother Son Dance

mother son dance songs

The mother-son dance is a special moment for every mother and son

Weddings can be a very emotional time, especially for the mother. She remembers her son entering the world as a frightened, fragile baby, and watching and helping him grow into the man he is today, and all those magical moments in between. And now the time has come to give her son (which she may still see as the small baby that cried for her and she ran to comfort) to his bride. Mother son dance songs help you capture that feeling, and produce a memory that will last a lifetime.

Advice for the son

For any sons (grooms) reading this article – even though your mother’s taste in music and yours might be entirely different, let her pick the song for your dance. You can suggest some if you have a few you like,  but let her choose the one that touches her. This is a moment she will remember for the rest of her life. Different mothers will have different preferences regarding what mood they feel comfortable with. There are so many possible mother son dance songs out there. Some mothers are quirky and would love a silly song to break through all the intense emotions and laugh. Some want to savor the moment and cry through it. Some mothers may prefer slow mother son dance songs, while others might prefer an upbeat tempo.

To help out, we have tried to put together a list of some mother son dance songs that might appeal to you. We organized this list into the feel/style/meaning of the songs, and hope it helps you. We included them through Spotify, so it’s easy for you to add to a playlist as many of you may already be storing a wedding dance song playlist on Spotify.

Our mother son dance songs list:

Before we get into our categorized list updated for 2016, if you are looking for the most popular mother-son dance songs you may want to check out wedj.com’s list. Their list automatically updated based off the songs most requested (based off of DJ’s who use their service for managing songs). If you are looking for a more personal list of songs we hand picked, categorized and thought would be interesting to you, then check out the songs below.

Modern songs about appreciating mom:

Hip Hop songs:

Pop songs:

Upbeat mother-son songs:

Chill songs for the laid back mother and son:

Rock songs to dance to with your mama:

Slow mother son dance songs:

Silly songs for mothers and sons that love to laugh:

Moving country songs about mothers:

A touching song for the mother who passed away:

Single Mother (father wasn’t there):

Mother song songs with buildup:

Reggae songs to dance to:

General songs that are often used for mother-son dance songs:

Please let us know in the comments if you picked any of these songs. Also if you have any other songs that you love, please let us know, and we will update the list to help others find the perfect song to make the moment special. Also, check out our DJ Tip that might save you a ton of stress.

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