Wedding Website Comparison – TheKnot vs WeddingWire + More

Wedding Website Builders - TheKnot vs WeddingWire + More

Choosing which website builder to use can be a tough decision

If you pick one that ends up missing features or requiring much more effort from you, it can be really frustrating. We looked at the top 4 wedding website builders and compared TheKnot vs WeddingWire vs MyWedding vs Minted. We ranked them by theme choices, photo gallery, ease of use, RSVP system, wedding URL, and extra bundled features. There is no perfect wedding website builder. It depends on your needs and where you are in the planning process.

We hope the below wedding website builder comparison will help you choose from the TheKnot vs WeddingWire, etc. For our wedding website, we ran into one issue that gave us a massive headache. We designed the site, filled out all our information, text, location, and everything else. Then we found out it that we had to enter our guest list in a particular format in order to allow guests to RSVP. With all the headaches and other responsibilities of wedding planning this was the last thing we needed.

Comparing TheKnot vs WeddireWire vs MyWedding vs Minted





Theme Choices8/1010/108/106/10 (No way to view themes without signing up)
Not as many themes, but the options available all look like they are designed well.Many unique themes to choose from.Many unique designs, but quite a few have color schemed that looked like that clashed to us.Tons of designs, but they mostly seem to be background texture change + font changes
 Photo Gallery 10/10 5/1010/10  9/10
 You can add photos from your computer or easily import from Facebook / Instagram.Only the main photo of the bride and groom is free. A photo gallery is a premium option.You can easily drag and drop photos from your computer. It also has the ability to add images to your story  You can easily drag and drop photos from your computer.
 Ease of Use 8/10 5/10  10/10 8/10
 Navigation is less intuitive than mywedding, but still pretty straight forward. Navigation is a bit cumbersome with the need to frequently go back and forth to the main page. Very intuitive editing. Everything is on one page, and you just scroll through and set options.  Navigation is less intuitive than mywedding, but still pretty straight forward.
RSVP System 9/10 2/10 8/105/10
You have the option of only allowing guests in your list to RSVP, or to allow anyone. This is great if you don’t feel like re-entering your guest list, because, in reality, only your invited guests would know your website address anyway. Only guests defined in your guest list in minted can respond. There is no option to let undefined guests register. We found this especially annoying since we already built our guest list outside of minted and there was no import feature. This means you would have to add every invite group manually one by one.They do not a way for you to enter or import your guest list. They let anyone RSVP. I think this is much more convenient though as you don’t have to re-enter your whole list. It’s not very likely someone uninvited would have your wedding address and try to RSVP to attend.Only guests defined in your guest list in wedding wire can respond. There is no option to let undefined guests RSVP. Wedding wire has the ability to import your guest list, but you may have to spend a lot of time getting it into the format they want.
Wedding URL  8/10 10/108/107/10

very concise URL and it doesn’t change

The URL is a bit long but not hard enter, and the URL does not change once you visit it.

The annoying thing is once the guests go to the website URL changes to a much longer URL without your names in it

Extra Bundled Features 8/10 0/10 8/10 9/10
 Address Collection – You get a simple URL you can share via email, facebook / whatever that gets can enter their name and address. Free charity on registry page – they will donate for you if you add a registry through them. Budgeting Tools – Useful but not as well built as WeddingWire’s / mywedding’s budgeting tool. Vendor Manager – Useful way to keep track of all the vendors you booked. Useful wedding planning checklist calendar – easily filterable to find essential vs optional tasks, and to see what’s left and see tasks by category. They don’t seem to have any additional wedding planning features bundled with the account.Budget Builder – looks very useful for budgeting, and its great how it asks you for your starting budget, guest count, wedding style, and location presumably to personalize the default budget better. Wedding planning checklist – seems useful and well categorized, and allows you to enter custom tasks. Ability to integrate with WedSocial to collect all your guests’ photos. Useful wedding planning checklist calendar with some helpful tips. Online guest list manager. Address Collector – ability to send a link to your guests and have them enter their address and store it. Seating chart builder. Budget Builder – looks really useful for keeping yourself on track and having a good idea of what most of the costs could be up front. Vendor Manager – Useful way to keep track of all the vendors you booked.
 The Knot is great if you already have your guest list built elsewhere as you are not forced to import it. They have useful “extra bundled features.” If you are stuck between TheKnot vs WeddingWire and already have your full guest list separately stored, pick The Knot. Minted has the best URL and best themes but doesn’t seem to be thought out well to make the bride and grooms experience as intuitive as possible. MyWedding appears to be the overall winner, besides in “extra bundled features.” If you need the extra bundled features, you may want to compare TheKnot vs WeddingWire. Wedding Wire is great if you haven’t started yet, and you use them to build your guest list from the outset. They have the most useful “extra bundled features” if you use them from the start. If you already created your guest list separately, it can be a small pain to enter it. If you are stuck between TheKnot vs WeddingWire and don’t have your full guest list separately stored, pick Wedding Wire.

If you ended up already picking one of the websites who’s RSVP system forces you to enter your guest list in a painstaking way, I have a useful suggestion for you. You can quickly create an account on It is free, and you get a short URL “” Most of the website builders allow you to add a custom page. I added a custom page called “Guest RSVP” and the page contained a link to our Rsvpify website. They give you the option to allow anyone to RSVP (so you don’t have to re-enter your guest list). We did not have any problems with uninvited guests attempted to register.

I hope you found this comparison of TheKnot vs WeddingWire vs MyWedding vs Minted useful. Please let us know in the comments if this helped you choose your wedding website builder, or if there are any inaccuracies you see in the chart, or if you have any questions or just want to say thanks!

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  1. Katrina Burkett says: Reply

    I love this! thank you. I was trying to decide between theknot and mywedding, and this helped me decide on theknot. I just want simple and lots of options.

  2. You’re welcome Katrina!
    I loved hearing that it helped.

  3. Jen Hendrey says: Reply

    This is very helpful! My fiancé found your site while looking for wedding-planning sites that allow couples to co-own their planning account…to collaborate etc. I had spent some time setting some stuff up on The Knot and then went to hand it off to him, as he’s our main planner, only for him to discover The Knot basically just assumes the bride does all the planning work. Ouch. A great comparison I’d love to see is how these sites stack up in supporting “couple collaboration” within their wedding-planning account. Thanks!

  4. Ania says: Reply

    Hey Jen, Glad it was helpful!

    Out of curiosity what roadblock did you hit when you were trying to collaborate?
    I’m not sure if this would fix it, but when we were planning our wedding we were advised to create a new gmail account for all wedding planning activities.

    It has 2 advantages:

    1) Once you are done wedding planning you never have to see promotional wedding planning emails ever again as you could then stop checking that account.

    2) It allows you both to be able to use one email account for vendors, wedding websites etc, so you both can receive email notifications, and log in to any of the accounts you need to create while wedding planning.

    I’m wondering whether #2 would solve the collaboration issue for you or if there was another issue you hit that I am not thinking of.

  5. Jeeves Butler says: Reply

    I love the simplicity of this list. Amazing how hard it was to find a feature comparison between popular services.

    My suggestion would be adding pricing options (and limitations of the free plan) as a point of comparison. Had to look those up manually.

    Other than that, great work. And thank you.

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