Wedding cake – Tips To Get Much Better Cake for Cheaper!

Wedding Cake

Wedding cake pricing inflation

As with everything in a wedding, once you mention the word “wedding” the price of cake goes up. We have even been asked the question, “How much are you spending on your wedding dress? … So you should spend at least two thousand dollars on your wedding cake”. Are you kidding me? Two thousand dollars for a wedding cake? What is so much harder about making a wedding cake than a regular cake? How often have you been to a wedding and said: “This is the best cake I’ve ever had!”.

For me, I can’t remember any wedding cake besides our own. So why pay so much for an unmemorable tasteless cake? What are the other options?

Save money and potentially get wedding cake guests rave about:

  1. Avoid the wedding cake specialists, and go to the best bakery/cake shop around you.
    They may not make the traditional wedding cake with multiple layers and poles in between. But I guarantee their cake will taste better, and your guests will be talking about it. Buy a wedding topper for your cake. You don’t even need to say it’s a wedding cake, just tell them the design and taste you are looking for and put it on yourself. If they ask you what it’s for you can say it’s for an anniversary.
  2. Do you have any friends/family that bake awesome cakes?
    Ask them to get involved. People who bake love to have their food complemented. Just make sure to tell them what you want, and to praise them for all their help.
  3. If you are dead set on having a traditional cake from a wedding cake shop.
    Look for a design you like and then call up 3 or 4 shops around you telling them what you want and how much your willing to pay, see which one offers you the best deal.

We went with the first option and couldn’t be happier. Our guests let us know over and over how they couldn’t remember any other wedding cake but ours was one of the best cakes they have ever had. And we paid two hundred dollars for it!

Let us know in the comments which option you’re thinking about, or what you did with your cake.

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