Bridal Appointment – What you need to know before

Tips for the first appointment

Bridal appointment jitters

Feeling a little antsy ahead of your first bridal appointment? It’s not an unusual feeling.
What should I expect? What should I wear? Who should I bring with me? How many dresses will I be able to try on? Almost every bride has these thoughts run through their head before their bridal appointment.

Don’t worry. We are here to give you some simple advice to make sure your bridal appointment visit goes as smoothly as possible. Below, you will find some useful tips that will help you in this new endeavor. I wish someone gave me this information before I headed to my first bridal appointment.

Fourteen tips to prepare you for your bridal appointment

  1. Come prepared
    Do your homework ahead of time. Look through magazines and webpages. If you are getting married in a church make sure your dress doesn’t show too much skin or they may violate their dress code. Save some images of weeding dresses that caught your eye.
    Show them to your consultant, so she will get a feel of what you are looking for. Some salons take requests – If you have a favorite dress from a magazine let them know ahead of time and they may be able to order a sample.
  2. Consider taking a day off of work
    Stores will be less crowded during the workday. Consider your “entourage’s” schedule before choosing this option.
  3. Know your budget
    Talk it over ahead of time with your soon to be husband. Make sure you tell your consultant what your limit is. Keep in mind that there will be additional costs for alterations, veils, etc.
  4. Ask the consultant for advice
    She is most likely very experienced and saw hundreds of brides in their wedding gowns. She knows all silhouettes types and which one will flatter you the most. You might be surprised when she recommends the style of dress that you wouldn’t event think about and it will fit you the best.
  5. Bring your shoes
    Not necessarily the same shoes you will be wearing at your wedding. All you need is an approximate height so you can see where the hem hits the ground and how the dress hugs your body.
  6. Wear a proper undergarment, especially a supportive strapless bra.
    You will have to undress in front of the consultant- you want to feel comfortable. Also the combination of fancy lingerie and beautiful wedding dress will let you feel more feminine and make the experience much more enjoyable. If you are going with family or a mother in law, wear underwear you will feel comfortable in front of them in.
  7. Bring a  hair clip
    It might be annoying if you have to hold your hair up whenever trying to see the neckline.
  8. Bring a guest
    A person or two who know your style and whose opinion you can trust.
  9. Take a lot of pictures and look at them afterward.
    I created a chart with images grouped as Love and Maybe. It was a great help when trying to reach my decision. Let your friends know in advance that you want to take pictures. Some stores frown on taking pictures so that stealthy friends could be a big help.
  10. Expect to go more than once
    You may get lucky and find the perfect dress on your first try, but try to think of your first session as a learning experience about what you like. Come back to your next session more focused on what dresses flatter you.
  11. You may be limited to a maximum number of dresses or a maximum amount of time.
    Depending on where you live, and how busy the stores get you may be limited to trying 3-8 dresses.
  12. Know when to walk away
    Some sales people can be too pushy and ruin your experience.
    Some have even forced the bride to separate from her party hoping it will be easier to make a sale that way. Your experience should be a fun experience, and you can always leave and go somewhere else or take a break and have drinks/lunch with the girls.
  13. You may want to look elsewhere for veils and jewelry
    Often their prices are marked up heavily, and you can find great alternatives on Etsy for cheaper.
  14. Bring some water if you might have a long appointment
    Getting in an out of many dresses can get exhausting.

I hope these tips help make your first bridal appointment a breeze and get you in fun positive mood from the start. Let know what you think about my tips and share your experience about your first dress appointments in the comments. If you like this article, please share it with others who could benefit.

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