How To Choose The Maid Of Honor – Simple Guide

How To Choose The Maid Of Honor

The maid of honor dilemma

“How to choose the maid of honor,”  might be one of the first thoughts that run through your head. Choosing your maid of honor might be a very stressful and challenging decision. It’s not easy to pick only one person when you may have many sisters or good friends. Every future bride struggles with this dilemma. Pressure from the family and the fear of hurting someone’s feelings make this choice even harder.

Think rationally not emotionally

Being a maid of honor isn’t just a great reward to show off the bride’s number one friend. Being a maid of honor doesn’t only require showing up to the reception on time. It’s a demanding job, and there are lots of responsibilities. So when picking a maid of honor don’t think about other people’s feelings. Think about your choice similarly to a job interview, and pick the person that has the best qualifications for the role.

The role includes everything from planning the bachelorette party to helping with any last minute issues. Your maid of honor is the person to go to if something goes wrong. Your flowers might not show up on time. You could be missing some place cards. Your DJ might have forgotten to download your first dance song. (Yes, that actually happened to a friend!)

How to choose your maid of honor from your top candidates

  1. Make a list of all your candidates.
    If you already have your bridesmaids planned, you can start with that.
  2. Cross out anyone that has shown a clear lack of organization, or punctuality. That are lots of appointments and coordination that you will need help with. You could end up hurting your relationship with a close friend if they aren’t reliable.
  3. Cross out anyone that wouldn’t put your needs above hers.
    Your maid of honor may have to skip out on some of the fun, in order to help you make things run smoothly.
  4. Cross out anyone that has too much going on in their life, and couldn’t handle the added stress. You need someone with enough energy to focus on you and your special day.
  5. Look at who’s left and go based on feeling. You’ll know deep down who you would feel most comfortable with, and who knows you and what you like the best. Remember it’s your day.

I hope this article on “How to choose the maid of honor” makes your pick easier. If any of your friends are upset not to be asked, feel free to blame “Seize the Aisle.” Let us know in the comments if this was helpful, or if you learned any other secrets on selecting a maid of honor that you would like to share.


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