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Wedding Dress Sample Sales

Wedding dress sticker price shock

“That dress is $8500???”. I’m one of those girls that already picked out my dream gown long before I even got engaged. Imagining wearing it excited me. And then my bubble burst when I found out the price for “my” dress. I couldn’t believe it. There is no way I’m spending that kind of money on a dress I will only wear once. If you are one of those gals who just can’t justify paying a fortune for just one night, then looking for wedding dress sample sales might be right for you.

Could wedding dress sample sales be the answer?

What are wedding dress sample sales? Retailers organize these sales to maximize profits on their inventory. The dresses could come from samples used at the store, dresses used by models on the runway, dressed from previous, brand new dresses that they overstocked, or returned dresses.  These could be a great way to get your dream dress without breaking the bank.

If that sounds appealing to you then going to local wedding dress sample sales might be the answer.

Tips that every bride needs to know before going sample dress shopping

  1. Start looking at least ten months before the wedding.
    You might get lucky and find “the one” at your first trial but sometimes saying yes to a dress takes a few attempts.
  2. Find out in advance if the place you go requires appointments.
    Call and find out the details. You might need to come as early as 6 am to get your ticket number and come back later for the actual sale.
  3. Come prepared.
    I would suggest that you try different types of wedding dresses in regular salons before the sale, so you know what silhouette flatters your body. Be aware of the style that you are looking for. There will be no time to wander around the racks and think. You need action. “First come, first serve” applies to this event. Some places have a limit on dresses that each future bride can try at a time.
  4. Pick the dress that requires no or minimal alteration.
    Keep in mind that even if you buy your wedding dress half price, the alternations and dry cleaning is pretty expensive. You might be looking at additional 500 dollars or more on the top of the dress price.
  5. Investigate for any imperfections.
    Even though most of the salons take good care of their dresses, some samples were worn by multiple women. Be aware of any possible stains or tears.
  6. Heel up.
    If you are planning on wearing stilettos at your day, bring them with you. This way you will see if the dress needs to be shortened and also how it flows on your body.
  7. Bring only one or two friends
    Bring friends that are decisive and who’s feedback you can trust.
    If you have any friends that have sewing or alteration experience they would be a great help.

I hope these tips contribute to making your sample sale shopping much more efficient. If you have any other tips or any questions, please leave us a comment below.

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