Save Money on Professional Wedding Hair and Makeup

wedding hair and makeup

Wedding hair and makeup is expensive

For brides, the number one thing we think about it is “I need to look fantastic on my wedding day.” Your wedding hair and makeup can change your style from contemporary to chic, to glamorous. You want your guests to comment on how fantastic your hair looked and how your face just glowed, years later. But wedding hair and makeup can be quite expensive. Based on what we’ve paid and what we have seen friends and family pay, prices can range from $200-$600 for both. This can vary a lot based on where you live and how highly reviewed the makeup artist / hairstylist is. But bridal hair and makeup tends to be much more than you pay for regular hairstyling / makeup.

We talked early about saving money by doing hair and makeup yourself. But not everyone is able to handle so many things on their own on their big wedding day. If you are someone who would rather go to a professional for your wedding hair and makeup, but still want to try to save. This article is for you. Here some tips on how you can save on wedding hair and makeup.

Go to the salon yourself

Instead of having your makeup and hair person come to your place, meet them at their salon. This will let you avoid additional money that they charge for travel, which can be surprisingly high. This could be a really easy way to save if the salon you choose is close to your bridal suite / home. We wouldn’t advise you to go somewhere totally out of your way. You don’t want to be late for pictures or keep your guests waiting if you get stuck in traffic. Think logistics.

Save even more at the salon but not revealing that you are the bride
You can say that you are a bridesmaid and you want to look fantastic in pictures. It’s funny that sometimes only the word “bride” can double the price. You can mention that you doing a photo shoot and you want to look good in pictures. If they charge less for actresses than a bride, who cares what they think you are.

Ask a makeup artist at your favorite beauty store to do your make up

Do you frequently visit makeup stores like Sephora, MAC, Macy’s, etc? Do you know someone who you really like, and have repeatedly seen? Ask them if they would be willing to come to you and do your makeup on the big day. You actually have an advantage with this approach, because you can sneak in a few trial sessions at the store for free. Some stores offer  a makeover session.( at Sephora for example, I was required to make a $50 minimum purchase) It’s good to schedule it at the time you need makeup anyway( maybe an engagement photo-shoot) or when you run out of your favorite skin care products (at Sephora for example,  I was able to apply any purchase at the store towards the $50 minimum)

Still want a professional come to you on the big day?

You can save money by finding someone still building their portfolio. Look for someone who has at least a few months of experience in the wedding industry. Ask for pictures of their previous work. Check out the reviews by their former clients. They should offer you a free consultation when you can ask them questions and advice even before the paid trial. Don’t be afraid to walk away if you don’t like what you see. They will have plenty of practice but not enough business yet. Their prices should be much more affordable and they usually will offer discounts if you let them post your make up photos online. If your wedding is out of the normal busy season, or you are having it on an off day, you could also negotiate for a larger discount, as it’s unlikely they would be booked for other weddings.

I hope this article helps to save you some money on your bridal makeup and hair. Please jump in if you have any additional tips to share. Let me know in the comments below.


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